Clubs in Ruaka

Clubs In Ruaka

Clubs in Ruaka

In this blog post, we will explore the Best clubs in Ruaka that you can visit for excellent settings both for the non-alcoholic and the alcoholic fellows.

Below are the 10 Most Best Clubs In Ruaka Kenya;

Klub Decimo Ruaka

With a Google rating of 3.8 starts after over 600 reviews, Klub Decimo is ranked as the top most visited club in Ruaka.

For all who are looking for ambience, this is the place to be at. It has the best mash-up of afro-beats, R&B, and great Hip Hops.

It consists of various liquors at budget-friendly prices and a whole lot of expensive drinks to choose from.

Klub Decimo Location

Limuru Road, past Joyland

Klub Decimo Contacts

+(254) 7 21 387 880

The Cask Concept 2011 Ruaka

If you are looking for clubs in Ruaka Kenya that have an executive lounge, The Cask Concept 2011 is the best of all. It offers you privacy and solitude whenever you need it.

They offer a delightful selection of African cuisine and cocktails.

In addition to that, an in-house DJ ensures that your enjoyment is not cut short.

The Cask Concept 2011 Location

Opposite Courtesy Car Wash, Banana-Raini Road, Ruaka

The Cask Concept 2011 Contacts

+(254) 727 541 245

Big 5 Lounge Ruaka

Are you looking for the best Clubs in Ruaka town to spend your night? Big Five Lounge is one of the best clubs in Ruaka which is widely renowned for its program of doing things.

It has thematic events where they have the Wednesday for ladies, Thursday for African band, Friday reggae, Saturday party, and Sunday Karaoke which helps in maintaining their clients.

Big 5 Lounge Location

Northern Bypass, Ruaka

Big 5 Lounge contacts

+(254) 702 349 655

Miguela Lacascada Sports Bar Ruaka

With no opening hours or closing hours, this bar guarantees enjoyment top-notch.

The bartenders at Miguela Lacascada serve you the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at affordable and pocket-friendly prices.

As for the music, you meet the vibrant crowd that enjoys music served by the guests and the live band.

Miguela Lacascada Sports Bar Location

Limuru Road, Ruaka

Miguela Lacascada Sports Bar Contacts

+254 705 588015

Kenge’s Bar and Restaurant Ruaka

At the Kenge’s Bar and Restaurant, you enjoy the fresh chilled air and dance to the slow music that gets louder as the night gets by.

With clean washrooms and a dining area, the great atmosphere of Kenge’s Bar and Restaurant is very promising.

They include the following drinks:

• Beer

• Spirits

• Wine

• Non-alcoholic beverages.

It becomes home to those looking to enjoy themselves while eating the famous Nyama Choma.

Kenge’s Bar and Restaurant Location

Banana-Raini Road, Muchatha Ruaka

Kenge’s Bar and Restaurant contacts

+(254) 722 810 374

Stepperz Lounge

For an exceptional clubbing experience, Stepperz Lounge offers a fantastic ambience.

The establishment is furnished with high-back comfortable chairs around the counter, showcasing an impressive variety of various liquors to satisfy your taste.

Additionally, the second floor boasts a spacious seating area with an advantageous view of the surroundings.

Be sure to visit and showcase your dance moves while enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Stepperz Lounge Location

Limuru Road

Stepperz Lounge contacts

+254 724 640333

Bar 69

Bar 69, being among the tp 10 best clubs in Ruaka Kenya, it’s a great spot to hang out with friends, offering cheap drinks and a convenient location.

Bar 69 in Ruaka is a great place to have fun and party. They have special themed nights like Friday Frenzy, Saturday Sauce, and Karaoke Nights.

If you want to find a cool place to party and keep the good vibes going all night long, you should check out this club.

And if you’re hungry, they’ve got a menu that’ll satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Bar 69 Location

Northern Bypass near Isuzu TMD and Two Rivers Mall

Bar 69 contacts

+(254) 721 226919

Fiesta Club

Fiesta Club is a cool hangout spot with outdoor seating, a restaurant, and places to stay.

It’s a great spot to chill and have a good time with your pals. 

One great thing about this place is that it has a really good sound system, so the music sounds awesome and it’s super enjoyable.

The counter has lots of different drinks, so people can pick whatever they feel like drinking.

Fiesta Club Location

Northern Bypass Ruaka

Fiesta Club Contacts

+(254) 7 951 237 496

Queens Bar Restaurant Ruaka

If you are looking to find pleasure and peace served at the same time while around Ruaka, Queans bar restaurant is the club to be at. People love it for its awesome music and chill vibes offered.

If you also want a place where most guys hang out, Queens Bar Restaurant is the perfect place.

With their cheap drinks and great service, the Queens bar restaurant is ranked among the best Clubs in Ruaka Kenya.

Queens Bar Restaurant Location Ruaka

Banana – Raini Road, Ruaka

Queens Bar Restaurant Contacts Ruaka

+(254) 61 869 9513

Club G 9 Ruaka

They’re famous for their awesome Mugithi dance floor nights and often hold pool tournaments with prices at the end for the winners.

Club G9 is one of the Clubs in ruaka town that is a great place to go. This is evident in their tasty craft beer served at an affordable price.

The club also boasts an extensive selection of beverages that are tasty and worth round two.

The ambience comes alive with neon lights and a cozy veranda seating area that sets up a romantic and chilled mood.

Club G 9 Location Ruaka

Ruaka Road near Supercare Apartments

Club G 9 Contacts Ruaka

+(254) 733 338 333


Whenever you find yourself around Ruaka town after a long day at work, you can visit the above-mentioned best clubs in Ruaka town. Here you get to meet friendly people, bartenders who serve the best and above all listen to soothing music at your peril.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the company of friends, start conversations with new people, or simply savour your favourite drink in peaceful solitude, the mentioned bars provide an excellent starting point. 


1. Which are the best Clubs in Ruaka?

  • Klub Decimo Ruaka
  • Big 5 Ruaka
  • Club G9 Ruaka
  • Queens Bar Ruaka
  • Fiesta Club Ruaka

2. How long is Ruaka from Nairobi?

The driving distance between Ruaka to Nairobi is 14 km. It takes approximately 14 min to drive from Ruaka to Nairobi.

3. Cheapest clubs in Ruaka Town?

  • Stepperz Lounge Ruaka
  • Club G9 Ruaka
  • Kenge’s Bar and Restaurant Ruaka
  • The Cask Concept 2011 Ruaka

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