Under The Sea village Market

Under the Sea village Market


Village Market Fun Activities and Prices

This blog will explore Under The Sea Village Market one of the hidden gems in Nairobi that you can take your kids to have fun.

It will mention the activities at that place, the prices, the location and all additional information at that place.

Join the journey!

Under the Sea Village Market Location

It is located inside Village Market on the fourth floor of the new wing. Village market at Limuru Road, Nairobi.

How to get to Under the Sea by bus

Village Market is located on Limuru Road in Gigiri. To get to Village Market by bus, you need to use Matatu Route Number 106.

Board a bus or matatu from the Koja Mosque stage. You will alight at the stage and walk for 5 minutes or take a bodaboda.

Under the sea Village Market entry fee

The charges are KES 350 for kids under 3 years old and KES 550 for older kids on weekdays.

On weekends, prices go up to KES 450 for the younger kids, while those over 3 years pay KES 750.

Chaperones and guardians pay KES 200.

11 activities in Under the Sea Village Market

The place has an ‘under the sea’ ambiance with walls painted with sea creatures. Below are the activities to take part in;

1. Craft Workshop at under the sea Village Market 

A craft workshop is hosted by a craft tutor to share and teach kids about their skills in a certain craft, such as pottery, sewing, crotchety and many more.

Under the sea, the kids are taught some of these skills that nurture their minds.

2. Slides at under the Sea

The place has cool variants that include roller slides, wavy slides and dual-entry slides that can introduce the fun of racing to the mix.

at the slides, there are plaything consisting of a sloping chute down which children can slide and have fun.

3. Sand Pit under the sea Village Market

Sandpits are typically filled with sand that children can dig up, sculpt, or move around using different tools.

Building castles is one of the most classic activities that children enjoy doing in sandpits. 

As children participate in this play environment, they see endless possibilities hence end up having fun.

4. Under the sea Village Market  Ball pool

While it is also known as a ball crawl, it is loved by children mostly when there are many inside the crawl. This in turn helps the little ones to develop social skills.

They are typically marketed as recreation and exercise for children. It helps to strengthen muscles and develop them for more complex tasks

5. Foam pit Village market

A foam pit is constructed to offer a safe landing when a kid jumps up. Kids love jumping hence a foam pit is the best for them.

Form pits have therapeutic multi-sensory benefits that provide deep pressure sensation, stimulation, and relaxation.

6. Under the sea Twisted Tunnel

Normally, children’s parks always have horizontal tunnels but under the sea Village Market, there is a twisted tunnel.

This makes it more interesting to the kids who roll inside happily. The idea is to roll twistly as the tunnel is twisted.

7. Mini trampoline at under the Sea

While trampolining is known best for adults, under the sea have a mini trampoline for the kids to enjoy.

For a child of any age, trampolines provide an exercise opportunity that leads to strong and sound bodies. Jumping offers a workout for muscles but doesn’t stress joints with hard impact.

8. Climbing net

A climbing net for the playground is typically a large net made of sturdy materials such as rope.

The net is usually hung between two or more vertical poles or posts, creating a climbing structure that children can climb on and through. This builds balance and enhances strength.

9. Arcade games at Under the sea

Also known as the coin-op game, it is a machine that is coin-operated. It is one of the many Under the sea village market activities.

The kids insert coins or tokens (will be provided) into the machines (or, in newer models, use credit cards or mobile devices) and stand in front of them to play the game.

10. Muppets Karaoke band

Muppets are some kind of puppets controlled by one hand. This control is done by the puppeteer. 

At Under the Sea Village Market, the puppeteers program the muppets to sing like a band, in that, there are guitarists, drummists and soloists. 

They sing baby songs like the BINGO which kids dance to and are interesting.

This is ranked as the best activity at under the Sea Village Market to take a child to since children love singing.

11. Toddler Art class

This is the perfect place to take children under 3 years mostly. They get taught how to draw and play with colours under the watch of a tutor.

Under the Sea Village Market Prices

Below are the general prices charged at Under the Sea.

Monday – Thursday (10 am to 8 pm)

  • Children below 3 years pay KES 450 for 2 hours of uninterrupted play while children above 3 years old pay KES 700 for the 2 hours.

Friday – Sunday (10 am to 8 pm)

  • All children pay KES 1,000 for the 2 hours of fun activities.

Birthday packages

  • 1900 per child for 3 hours of play and an extra KES 200 is charged for the arcade games.


In conclusion, under the sea is the best place to take kids for fun. Under the Sea, the charges are friendly and worth it.

Children of all ages can be taken there for a few hours of pure fun and laughter and enjoy all Under the sea village market activities.

All participants MUST wear socks in the facility as part of safety measures.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult/guardian who will keep the watch while they are having fun.

Food & non-alcoholic drinks are available at Jellyfish Cafe.

Under the Sea Village Market Contacts

+254 20 7122 911

+254 746 723 807


1.Who owns Village Market?

The shopping complex is owned by Greenhills Investment associated with the Ehsani brothers, Hamed Ehsani and Mehraz.

2. What are the Charges at Under the Sea Village Market?

The charges depend on the day you’ve visited, the activities you will partake in, and whether you are an adult or a child.

For Children;

Monday to Thursday- KES 450-700 (depending on the age)

Friday to Sunday- KES 1,000

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