Shooting Ranges In Kenya

Shooting Range In Kenya


Top 10 shooting ranges in Kenya

This blog post will explore the different places where you can visit Shooting Ranges In Kenya and Shooting ranges in Nairobi too.

It will mention the safety of the range and what is needed of you to do as a visitor 

Process of Owning a Firearm in Kenya

Anyone looking to own a gun is mandated to go through a laid-out process in the Firearms Act.

The first step is to report to the nearest police station to your area of residence and submit a formal request to own a gun to the Officer Commanding Station (OCS).

You will then be provided with a form to fill out. The form will indicate the various documents that are mandatory for any gun owner.

These documents include;

  • A letter detailing why an individual is looking to own a gun.
  • A letter from a psychiatrist confirming that one is of sound mind.
  • A police clearance certificate is also known as a certificate of good conduct.
  • Certified bank statement to ascertain that one has a steady source of income.
  • Clearance letter from the police station closest to your residence – the letter should be stamped.
  • 4 Passport photos.
  • A copy of the National ID or Passport
  • In case the applicant has had any incident or run-in with any sort of criminal, he/she is required to provide the OB numbers for any filed cases.

The applicant will then be directed to wait for the next interview. 

The internal vetting process usually takes an estimated 3 months, depending on the workload at the licensing board. The applicant is then called to a final interview before being directed to pay Ksh5,000 for the official certificate. 

Top 10 shooting ranges in Kenya

1. Kenya Regiment Rifle Club (KRRC)

The KRRC is one of the most popular shooting ranges in Shooting ranges in Nairobi.

This is because it is open even to unlicensed gun holders and children as well.

However, only children above 14 years are allowed to participate

It is located inside the Sailing Club in Langata, a suburb in Nairobi’s outskirts.

Experience the thrill of watching trained marksmen fire guns, and learn how to, starting with the most basic weapons.

Entry charges are KES. 1000 for children and KES 2000 for adults, and a further KES 2500 is charged for 50 rounds of ammunition.

Earmuffs to cushion you from all the noise are sold at only KES 100

2. Kirigiti Shooting Range

This facility located in Kiambu is another popular shooting range and is your go-to place if you’re looking to join the National Gun Owners Association.

Only licensed gun holders are allowed entry, and children above 14 years can enter the shooting area but under close supervision.

The facility doubles up as a training centre, charging KES 3000 per hour. Safety is a top priority of theirs, ensuring that both participants and spectators are cared for.

3. Nanyuki Sports Club

Nanyuki Sports Club is a popular spot retreat for locals and visitors due to their high-end services.

Part of their amenities includes an outdoor shooting area that has seen renowned marksmen participate in shooting competitions.

Training sessions are conducted as well for licenced gun holders, and trainees are at peril to choose a firearm to practice with.

4. Kedong Shooting Range

Located in Naivasha in the Kedong Ranch, this shooting range is perfect for both training and recreational activities.

The outdoor shooting space features both an 800m and 1.5 km shooting range, as well as a shooting tower that is five storeys high, giving you the thrill you need as you aim for the target.

Participants should be licensed gun holders, and are at liberty to either bring their firearms or use the ones at the facility.

5. Kwenia Ammodump

This venue in Magadi at the heart of Kajiado offers you an excellent place to retreat to, away from noise.

The expansive lodge features a modern shooting range that adheres to all safety precautions, giving you the chance to practice shooting safely.

The range varies from 50m, 100m, 300m and 600m, so you get to choose according to your level of knowledge.

Entry to the shooting range is KES 1200 per person, and you pay extra depending on the firearm you choose.

Ammunition is paid for separately, with the price ranging anywhere between KES 3400 to KES 4600.

6. JCK Shooting Range

This shooting range is excellent should you wish to train as a shooter, or simply learn how to handle your firearm safely.

They open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm and only allow licensed gun holders to participate in shoot-out sessions.

7. Magadi shooting range

At Magadi Shooting Range, you can expect an exhilarating experience.

It offers state-of-the-art facilities and ammunitions like the Pistol and Bolt action Rifle professional guidance, and a safe environment for shooting enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, you’ll have access to various firearms and can enjoy the thrill of aiming and hitting targets in a controlled and supervised setting.

8. Bamburi Riffle club

They provide some of the best facilities for target shooting enthusiasts who adhere to the Bamburi Rifle Club’s safety rules.

It’s a reasonably priced location with plenty of open fields, targets, and rifle practice.

Everyone at BRC is a licensed private gun owner.

Their range is the only licensed outdoor shooting range in Mombasa County, and they frequently hold internal shooting competitions as well as national contests in collaboration with the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).

9. Nyanza Complex Rifle Club

NCRC is open to all Licensed Firearm Holders, Security Agencies, and any other body that is licensed to carry a firearm.

The club has a shooting Range located just a few minutes from the CBD of Kisumu City.

It offers several shooting opportunities for all skill levels, whether you have never shot a firearm before, or you are working toward an IDPA/IPSC award or any other approved shooting sport in the world.

10. Shaba Shooting Range

Located on the outskirts of Samburu county, Shaba is one the best and wide Shooting ranges in Kenya.

It has in the past got the privileges of holding international and national tournaments that saw different countries of the world attend the tournament.

With a licensed gun by the firearms licensing board, you get a variety of rental firearms to enjoy your shooting.

Whether you are a first timer or a more knowledgeable person, at Shaba you will get the guidance on how to go about the safety lanes that are there and everything required by the management.


In conclusion, it’s best to understand that the minimum age required for one to participate in any gun shooting activities in Kenya is 14 years.

It is also recommended that children come along with their guardians when visiting most gun-shooting galleries.

For logistical reasons, most ranges prefer that you book a session before the actual date you have planned to go for gun shooting activities.

The above mentioned shooting ranges in Kenya and shooting ranges in Nairobi have been licensed by the Firearms in Kenya.


1. How much is the shooting range cost in Kenya?

It depends on the range.

2. Shooting ranges in Nairobi


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