Dental Clinics in Nairobi

Dental Clinics in Nairobi

Dental Clinics in Nairobi

In this post we will explore the Best Dental Clinics in Nairobi, the services they offer, the location of these dental clinics and the contacts to reach them out when in need of their services.

Scroll with us to find hospital that offer best dental check up in Nairobi.

10 Best Clinics In Nairobi

They say that for every bright smile, theres a dentist behind it. Below is alist of the 10 best Clinics in Nairobi;

Nairobi Sterling Dental Clinic

Nairobi Sterling Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Nairobi with the best dentists. It is equipped with modern facilities and specialized dental experts, for you and your family.

It is one of the dental clinics in Nairobi that accepts NHIF and private health insurance cards like Madison, UAP, Old Mutual, GA Insurance, among others. for treatment

The clinic  offers an extensive range of services including; Dental Consultation, Dental Implants, Full Mouth Dental Scaling, Braces and Orthodontics Treatment, Root Canal, Cosmetic Treatment, Pediatric Treatment, Dental Xrays, Teeth Whitening, Emergency Dental Pain Management and Dental Crowns Treatment.

Nairobi Sterling Dental Clinic Location

6th Floor Park suite, Parklands

Nairobi Sterling Dental Clinic Contacts

+(254) 762 223 925

Keridam Dental Clinic

Its among the top tooth care clinics in Nairobi which strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for dental appointments, easing patients’ fears.

Its mission is to serve their patients in a more gentle way and with the highest level of satisfaction, which creates long term relationships with their patients.

This clinic offers many types of services including teeth filling, teeth replacements, scaling, teeth braces and whitening.

Keridam Dental Clinic location

Kenwood House, 4th floor, Kimathi Street


+(254) 704 477 100

Emerald Dental Clinic

It is one of the cheap dental clinics in Nairobi with Highly skilled and friendly dentists.

These dentists are available for regular and emergency treatments just a call away.

  • Treatments include;
  • Consultations and Xrays
  • Fillings
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Dental Crowns
  • Orthodontics and braces, Implants, Removable Denture Teeth, Dental Cleaning and Whitening, Dental Extractions, Baby Teeth Management and Clear Aligners.

Emerald Dental Offices Location

Hurlingham Rose Avenue Off Argwings Kodhek Road Next to Monarch Hotel

Emerald Dental Clinic Contact

+(254) 700 609 078

Parkview Dental Center

Their main concern is to keep your oral health promising and your smile bright. They provide a world-class treatment experience for tooth lose, Cosmetic dentistry, and advanced restorative dentistry.

Parkview Dental Center Location

T-Mall 3rd floor, Langata Rd

Parkview Dental Center contacts

+(254) 725 017 068.

 Star Dentistry center

It offers quality dental check up in Nairobi with a team of specialists that give you the best smile possible. The clinic specializes in preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry.

Star Dental Clinic Location

Alhidaya Heights, Room 201

Star Dental Clinic Contacts

+(254) 717 123 440, +(254) 722 201 662.

 Taji Dental Clinic

Their mission is to be the nearest dental clinic for dental patients within the Nairobi Metropolitan area. They have a wide range of dental services for children, teens & adults, making sure you and your family are protected.

Their services including teeth filling, teeth replacements, scaling, teeth braces and whitening.

Taji Dental Clinic Location

Elgon Apartments, Ralph Bunche Rd

Taji Dental Clinic Contacts

+(254) 759 212 482

Tender care Oral wellness center

The experienced dental care practitioners of this clinic always look forward to helping their patients to achieve the healthy and confident smiles that they deserve.

Being among Cheap dental clinics in Nairobi, their mission of is to provide its clients with outstanding dental care in a relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable environment. Services include cosmetic dentistry, routine dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and crowns and Dental bridges.

Tender care Dental Clinic Location

Physical location: Kilimani, Nairobi

Tender care Dental Clinic Contacts

+(254) 723 885 960 / +(254) 736 885 960

 Planet Dental Clinic

It is one of the best dental clinics that offer dental check up in Nairobi. It offers a range of general and specialist dental services such as implant dentistry, prosthodontics, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery and periodontics.

You can visit the dental office where you will be assured of quality dental work under experienced hands.

Planet Dental Clinic Location

Along Muhuti Avenue, South C9.

Planet Dental Clinic Contacts

+(254) 714 660 460, +(254) 722 364 119

Astradental Services Limited

If you are a patient living in the Westlands, you can go to Astradental for dental needs. Appointments can be booked online, and the clinic also provides free dental check-ups during community open days.

It is one of the Cheap dental clinics in Nairobi that offer oral surgery. 

Other than oral surgery, they offer services like Teeth cleaning, Root canal treatment and al dental treatments.

Astradental Services limited Location

Mpaka Road, Westlands, Nairobi

Astradental Services limited Contacts

+(254) 727 591 579

Molars Dental Clinic (Nairobi CBD)

Molars Dentistry center is a well known dental clinic located in Nairobi, Kenya, dedicated to offering oral health care.

Their services include Teeth Whitening, Invisalign, Crowning, Dental Implants, digital X-rays, Dental Bridges, Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers, Root Canal Therapy and Fillings.

Molars Dental Practice accepts various insurance covers such as;

  • CIC
  • Sanlam
  • AAR
  • UAP
  • Britam
  • Sedgwick
  • Liaison
  • Minet
  • UAP
  • Sanlam
  • Clarkson
  • MTN
  • TAkafu

Molars Dental Practice Location

Harambee Ave, Electricity House, 3rd Floor, City Centre Nairobi

Molars Dental Practice Contacts

+(254) 751 856 900 +(254) 796 856 900


In Conclusion, incase you have been in need of a dental check up in Nairobi , feel free to contact the list of dental offices. Be sure to get the best services at pocket friendly prices inside the clinics.

These clinics offer various services, including preventive treatments, corrective procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontic services. Moreover, they accept different insurance covers, allowing you to get the treatments you need.

Some of the clinics are lenient enough to offer free services during their camping days or during commemoration days where they come up with a programs such us runs and in this they offer free dental services.


1. How much does filling teeth cost in Kenya?

It can range from KES 4000 to KES 10,000. The cost depends on the size and location of the cavity and the dentists you choose.

2. How much does it cost to see a dentist in Kenya?

On average, the consultation fee is between KES 500 and KES 3000. After that, the cost of the treatment will depend on the type and complexity of the service.

3. How much is charged for Teeth Cleaning?

The price of professional teeth cleaning in Kenya ranges from KES 3,000 to KES 10,000.

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