How to pay gotv

how to pay gotv via mpesa in kenya

Gotv is a popular television pay service. It is among the main providers of home entertainment in the country with its tons of channels that air a variety of content from sports, news, children’s shows, latest fashion among others.

GOtv  has different pricing tiers on each package plan which suits almost every budget.

Check out the table below to discover the latest  packages and their pricing:

GOtv packages and updated prices in Kenya

What are the GOtv packages in Kenya? How much does GOtv cost? Well, here are the packages alongside their monthly prices and number of channels:

GOtv package Price per month Channels
GOtv Lite Ksh199 20+
GOtv Value Ksh649 35+
GOtv Plus Ksh999 45+
GOtv Max Ksh1,449 60+
GOtv Supa Ksh1,899 70+
GOtv Supa+ Ksh3,500 75+

After the recent introduction of GOtv Supa+, it is Kenya’s most expensive package with a monthly subscription fee of Ksh3,500.

After learning about the packages and knowing their respective prices, here is how to pay for it to watch the news, live sports, and

GOtv payment methods in Kenya

GOtv offers convenient payment methods for seamless streaming. You may pay for GOtv subscription using MyGOtv App, credit cards, directly from

However, we are going to look at the most reliable methods to pay GOtv, which is through Mpesa and Equity Bank’s USSD Service;

How do I pay for GOtv using Mpesa?

1. On your phone, go to the SIM toolkit and select Safaricom>Mpesa

2. On the Mpesa main menu, select choose ‘Lipa na Mpesa’

3. Then go to ‘Pay Bill’

4. Select ‘Enter business no.’ and put 423655 – the GOtv business number

5. Use your IUC number on a red sticker at the bottom of the decoder as the Account Number

6. Enter the full amount of the package you are subscribing for.

7. Enter your Mpesa PIN to complete the payment

You will receive an SMS confirming the payment made for the subscription.

Consecutively, Multichoice Kenya will message you with further transaction and package details pertaining to your account.

Ensure your recorder is on when making payments.

How do I pay for GOtv using Equity Bank USSD?

1. Dial *247# from your SIM card used to register your Equity Bank Account

2. Select ‘Pay Bill’

3. Choose to enter the business number and type 423655

4. Enter your decoder’s IUC number as the account number

5. Enter the amount of your desired package

6. Select the account to pay from

7. Enter your mobile banking PIN to complete the payment

In about a minute or so, you will receive a message confirming the payment made.

Alternatively, Co-operative Bank customers can pay for their the packages by dialing *667#, selecting Payments, then Utility Payments, then Pay Tv, choosing GOtv, entering the IUC number and amount, followed by PIN to verify the transaction.

For KCB Bank, paying is possible through *522# and following the prompts.


With Gotv, you get to Embrace the convenience of modern payment methods, and bid farewell to the complexities of traditional transactions.

You also stay connected to your preferred shows and channels effortlessly, as the world of digital payments continues to simplify our daily routines.


1. Gotv WhatsApp number

  • +234 908 236 8533

2. How to activate after payment

  • Type on your phone the following combination of digits and symbols – *423# on any network.
  • In a couple of seconds you will get a response with text “Assistance from Customer Care”.

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