How to remove private number Airtel Kenya

How to remove private number Airtel Kenya

A Comprehensive Guide on Revealing Private Numbers on Airtel

In the age of digital communication, receiving calls from private or unknown numbers has become a common occurrence. Airtel, one of the leading telecommunications providers, offers various features and tools to enhance user experience. However, many users find themselves wondering how to remove the veil of anonymity from private numbers on the Airtel network. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods and tips to unveil the identity behind those elusive private calls.

Understanding Private Numbers

Private numbers, often displayed as “Unknown” or “Private Caller,” are designed to protect the caller’s identity. While this feature is intended to safeguard privacy, it can sometimes lead to frustration and concern when users receive unwanted or suspicious calls. Airtel, like other telecom providers, respects the privacy of its users, but it also provides tools to help users manage and identify incoming calls.

Below is a guideline of how to remove private number Airtel Kenya.

 1: Disable Caller ID Blocking

A common method to reveal private numbers is to disable caller ID blocking. If the caller has chosen to hide their identity, this method may force their number to be displayed. To disable caller ID blocking on Airtel:

Open your phone’s dialer.
Dial *31# and press the call button.
This action should disable the caller ID blocking feature, potentially revealing the private number on the next incoming call.

 2: Use Airtel Call Management Services

Airtel offers call management services that allow users to customize their call settings. One of these services is the Call Filter feature, which helps manage calls based on various criteria. To enable Call Filter:

Dial *323# on your Airtel mobile.
Select the option for Call Filter.
Within Call Filter, you can set preferences to allow or block calls from private numbers. Adjusting these settings can help in revealing the private number or preventing such calls altogether.

 3: Contact Airtel Customer Support

If the above methods do not yield the desired results, reaching out to Airtel customer support can be a viable option. Airtel’s customer service representatives may be able to provide assistance in identifying or managing private calls. They can guide users through additional steps or offer insights into the specific features available to tackle private numbers.

4: Use Third-Party Apps:

There are numerous third-party applications available on app stores that claim to reveal private numbers. Before using any such app, ensure it is reputable and has positive reviews from users. These apps often use crowd-sourced databases to identify and unmask private numbers.

Tips for Handling Private Calls

Exercise Caution: If you receive calls from unknown or private numbers, be cautious about sharing personal information. Scammers often use private numbers to trick individuals into providing sensitive details.

Do Not Answer Suspicious Calls: If you suspect a call is from an unwanted or fraudulent source, it is best not to answer. Ignoring such calls reduces the risk of falling victim to scams.

Block Persistent Callers: If you consistently receive calls from private numbers that you wish to avoid, use your phone’s built-in blocking feature to prevent those numbers from reaching you.

Dealing with private numbers on the Airtel network requires a combination of understanding the available features and taking proactive measures. By utilizing Airtel’s call management services, disabling caller ID blocking, and considering third-party apps, users can enhance their control over incoming calls. Additionally, exercising caution and being aware of potential scams are crucial elements in navigating the realm of private numbers.


1.How can I reveal the identity of a private number on Airtel Kenya?

You can try disabling caller ID blocking by dialing *31# before making or receiving a call. Additionally, explore Airtel’s Call Filter feature by dialing *323# to manage calls and potentially unmask private numbers.

2.Are there specific settings on Airtel to block or unblock private numbers?

Yes, Airtel offers call management services, including the Call Filter feature. Dial *323# to access this service and customize your call settings to block or allow calls from private numbers.

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