174 Students fall sick at Amabuko school in Kisii

174 Students at Amabuko Mixed secondary school in Masaba South, Kisii county have been admitted in different hospital facilities after having severe abdominal pains, diarrhea, stomach upset and vomiting on Monday morning. According to the principal Rawlings Juma says that students were vomiting while others had running stomach causing the school management to stop the normal running program in order to run them in nearby facilities in order to know what the cause might be.” We immediately made arragments and took them to various hospitasls within Keroka town where they are currently receiving treatment, “Rawlings said.

. 23 were rushed to Keroka sub-county hospital, 76 admitted to the Gucha hospital, 55 admitted to St. Catherine Ichuni Mission hospital as well as 20 were rushed to Kisii Teaching and referral hospital expressing the same symptoms.
On Monday around 6:00 a.m. the county ambulance transferred 20 students to Kisii Teaching and Referral hospital who had critical conditions. It is suspected to be a food poisoning caused by what the student had taken as the super which a meal of beans and vegetables Sunday night.
A resident who rushed to the institution to help with the emigration believed that the poisoning was caused by the meal taken by the students on Sunday
night.According to Rigoma ward member of parliament (MCA) Nyambega Gisesa declares that the response was quick despite of having a similar case that had happened early October in Vihiga just some weeks ago.
Kisii County Director of Education Philip Chirchir says Government officials from the Ministry are assessing the situation at the school.
According to the Keroka hospital offered services managed to give out some of the things that brought up the poisoning to the student which is consumption of contaminated water and food poisoning.
The hospital management have ensured d that there are adequately trained personnel handling emergency issues and also ensuring that there are adequate medical supplies.
According to the research given by the facility there is common symptoms of food poisoning which includes stomach pains, vomiting, fever, diarrhea and nausea.
Experts have already raised their concerns over the quality of living in boarding schools as the population grows since cases are happening day in day out which calls out for higher investment in order to maintain proper hygiene.

On early October a similar case had occurred at St. Theresa Eregi Girls where students were hospitalized due to unexplainable sickness and the Ministry of Education decided to have a close down which was temporarily in order to reduce the cases that were reported due to the mysterious illness. They were demanding to have permission to go home after 90 students were admitted to various hospital due to the outbreak of the unknown illness.
Sanitation is a rampant challenge in many schools and that why there is a lot of of outbreak of diseases in different schools due to lack of proper hygiene which requires high cost of living since the standards should be improved in order to avoid contamination which are leading to outbreak of strange diseases in schools.


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