Who is Mr. Abubakar Hassan? The Principal Secretary Nominee for Investment Promotion

Last week, President William Ruto unveiled the list of 51 nominees for the position of permanent secretaries for different state departments. In recent weeks, the President has been seen to front political loyalists to the various positions in government. However, in the recent list of 51 nominees to PS positions, new names of pure technocrats have come up. The local media has made efforts to comb into their personal and professional lives. One of the not-so known individuals is Mr. Abubakar Hassan.

So Who is Abubakar Hassan?

Abubakar, commonly known as “Kwiji” or “Abuu” was born in Mombasa County, in a very humble family from the Bajun Tribe (part of the many swahili descents). As a young man, he dreamt of being an advocate of the high court of Kenya, an achievement that he was able to fulfill in 2006 upon his admission. He enjoyed playing street football like every young Swahili kid.

Abubakar Hassan is an advocate of the high court, a graduate of The University of Nairobi, and a holder of Masters in Business Administration. He is also a Certified Public Secretary, a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Investment and Financial Analyst.

The story of the PS nominee is a show by the President that he is willing to support people on merit and not based on their family names. Abubakar Hassan comes from a minority tribe from Lamu county. Historically, the Bajun community has never had a seat at the high executive tables, and with this nomination, the small tribe has finally found recognition in Kenyan maps.

What do we expect from our PS nominee

Abubakar Hassan is a believer of hard work, and smart thinking. He holds the position that for Kenya to thrive, the focus must first be on local and foreign investments. As the Director of Operations at Capital Markets Authority, he has been at the forefront of ensuring that the r




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