Crazy Kennar mourns the loss of his baby

Renowned Kenyan content creator Kennedy Odhiambo, widely known as Crazy Kennar, is grappling with the heartbreaking loss of his infant son. Somber revelation was made by Crazy Kennar during a lively country concert, where he candidly shared the profound personal tragedy.

Addressing the audience, Crazy Kennar opened up about the recent loss of his child, a devastating event that occurred just four days prior.

Crazy Kennar encouraged people to look beyond the outward appearances on social media or in public spaces, acknowledging that individuals may be grappling with personal struggles not evident to others.“Unfortunately, my son died four days ago. It has been a very tough journey for me. We had to go through that and at the same time make the show. So my word as happy citizens is that whenever you see somebody walking while smiling, go and ask them if they are okay or not. Let’s be our brothers and sisters keepers, let’s love one another,” expressed Crazy Kennar.

Known for his dedicated advocacy for mental health, the comedian has consistently worked towards raising awareness about mental well-being and combating youth depression.

His platform, ‘Happy Country,’ serves as a vehicle for promoting mental wellness and offering support to those in need.

Crazy Kennar and Natalie Asewe, childhood friends, have been partners for an extended period. He econtinued with the production of the show, highlighting the immense challenge of balancing personal sorrow with professional commitments.

In a poignant message to the crowd, Crazy Kennar emphasized the importance of being attentive to one another’s well-being.


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