Ministry of Agriculture release new poultry farming regulations

Ministry of Agriculture has published regulations that are set to govern poultry farming and business in Kenya.

Contained in the Livestock (Poultry Industry) Regulations- 2023, the rules according to the ministry will help to enhance organization and coordination of the poultry industry.

Among the rules contained in the document include guidelines on how to transport birds.

As per the document, farmers using cages or crates to carry birds will have to ensure that they are in an upright position to protect the birds from the wind, dangerous temperatures, and inclement weather.

At the same time, the Ministry prohibited transportation of birds including chicken by holding their head, neck, wings or tail.

Also included in the guidelines is a warning against transporting birds in bags, carrying them with their legs tied or transporting them in the trunk of a cars.

Further the guidelines prohibit mixing of mature males or different species of poultry in a single crate or cage during transportation.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines, the Ministry notes, will attract hefty fines.

“Cages or crates should be transported in an upright position to protect the birds from the wind, dangerous temperatures, and inclement weather,” the guidelines read in part.

“Any person that contravenes this Regulation commits an offence.”

In addition, the Ministry included a clause requiring poultry farmers in the country to register in their respective counties.

According to the statement, all poultry farmers keeping birds for commercial purposes will also be required to keep a register of the chicken and other birds in the farm in a named Form PR1.

The form (PR1) as illustrated in the statement, will include the name of the farmer, a postal address, contact information, and an inventory of all types of birds in the farm.

The purposes of registration, the Ministry adds, include aiding in planning for food security and nutrition and easing service delivery such as advice and notification of disease outbreak, financing, and market access.

In addition, the Ministry stated that registration will enhance capacity building; and enable recording and data capture for planning purposes.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Agriculture drafted regulations to help in ensuring hygiene in the poultry business.

As per the guidelines, farmers, breeders, producers, processors will be required to take appropriate measures to clean and, where necessary, disinfect equipment used in transporting and feeding poultry.

The rules will also apply for crates and vehicles used for producing, preparing, grading, packing, storing and transporting poultry and poultry products.

According to the guidelines, a person found guilty of committing an offence under the Regulations where no penalty is provided to a fine not exceeding Ksh500,000 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year or to both.

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