Determination is Key they say. At 25 Elodie Zone is a new home owner.

Whoever said anything was impossible?

At 25 years only Elodie Zone is a proud new home owner. The Digital influencer and you tuber Elodie zone couldn’t hold back her joy after she acquired a brand new home in Diani by the beach.

Truly anything is possible no matter how old one is it’s all about determination and courage not looking at the past experiences or downfall.

The beautiful young lady famously known for her previous relationship squabbles one of which was with the former president Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew.

Elodie had also previously dated the famous Sol generation artist Nviiri which ended with a nasty break up and she went on to accuse Nviiri of being physically and mentally abusive

The YouTuber however decided to stand firm and build her own empire. She recounted the struggles and setbacks she had encountered in the past.

According to her she was bullied while in high school, fell into depression for 10years, she was countlessly attacked on social media, dropped out college and she’s also been through physical abuse in relationships, she however did not let any of that weigh her down.

She took to social media to advise her followers to be patient and hardworking and not mind people who fail to support them. She added by saying that people should watch out for those who bounce back from everything that was meant to destroy them as they are God’s people whom shouldn’t be messed with.

Elodie’s parting short was and I quote

“I need you to believe in yourself a little harder. Love more. Trust more. Work more. Practice patience more. Be the best version of yourself even when In doubt because the God and the universe will figure the rest out for you”.






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