Jacque Maribe terms Eric Omondi a Defaulter Dad

The self- proclaimed president of comedy has denied claims made by Tv journalist Jacque Maribe who is his baby mama to their 7 year old son.

According to Maribe the comedian has neglected his fatherly duties to their son and has no idea where the son lives and she cannot remember the last time Eric paid his school fees.

This came after Eric Omondi posted a picture with a lady miss P whom he met 5 months ago expecting his child. Below the picture he had posted how he met the beautiful lady and that he was ready to take every responsibility as children are a blessing from God.

However soon after the post Maribe responded in sarcasm tagging her sister and went on to say and I quote ”

Responsibility? @catewamaribe come I can’t speak. She giggled, 7 years of responsibility”.

This according to Maribe was an irony considering the same man had failed in his duties as a father to their son Zahari.

Eric revealed that he and Maribe met in 2012 in Radio Africa Group when she worked for Kiss Tv and he worked for Radio Jambo. They had a intimate relationship only that night which according to him was protected intimacy but two months later there was claiming she was pregnant.

According to the comedian during the entire pregnancy they were barely in contact but four months after the child was born Jacque made contact and asked him to be part of the baby’s life.

After the expose on an interview with Mungai Eve he went ahead to say that for 7 years all he has done was ask for a DNA test to ascertain he is the biological father.

According to him he never expected a pregnancy considering that they had used protection but Maribe has never allowed for the test to be carried instead she told him that the mother always knows whom the father is and it’s him.

The Tv journalist said she doesn’t mind raising her child as a single parent and that she is in love with motherhood.The two have been washing their dirty lines all over social media.

Eric Omondi fired back at Jacque and said if she attacks him he’ll attack her whole village and he won’t entertain her tarnishing his name as it has not only affected his personal image but also his business deals with him getting questioned by the various brands he’s working with.

The president of comedy said that until he is sure of the child’s paternity only then can he be able to fully support the child as his Dad.




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