President Ruto asserts allegiance to court’s decisions

President William Ruto denies that he has been interfering with decisions made by the criminal justice agency or the courts to dictate the direction of any case in the recent updates.

During a joint media interview at State House on Sunday night, President Ruto addressed the collapse of cases, including the Arror dam scandal, asserting that these cases lacked a solid foundation and were fabricated.


Former Treasury CS Henry Rotich was acquitted in the Sh63 billion Arror dam scandal case due to a lack of evidence. Trial Magistrate Eunice Nyutu ruled that there was insufficient evidence to warrant placing the accused on their defense.

President Ruto said that cases like the Arror dam scandal were politically motivated and mobilized by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to hinder the project. He noted that his government had to renegotiate project implementation in Italy to prevent Kenya from incurring hefty compensation fees for canceling contracts with Italian companies.

This action was taken to safeguard Kenya’s interests, as the country had failed to provide land for the dam project and initiated court cases to frustrate it.

President Ruto emphasized his commitment to fighting corruption, asserting that anyone involved in corrupt deals would be held accountable. He made it clear that he would not defend anyone involved in corruption or influence government contracts or favors. He underscored his dedication to combating corruption through measures like centralizing government service payments on E-citizen.

During the interview, President Ruto spoke extensively about his government’s economic decisions, highlighting the avoidance of subsidies on consumption and fuel prices, which he deemed artificial solutions.

He acknowledged the government’s prior commitments but explained that changing circumstances necessitated adjustments.

On fuel prices, President Ruto said they were influenced by international market forces and producers, making government control limited. He attributed recent decreases in fuel prices to international market dynamics.

He defended his international trips, emphasizing their focus on addressing Kenya’s challenges rather than tourism. He discussed efforts to boost foreign exchange earnings through bilateral labor agreements with countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Germany, and Canada.

The President stressed the importance of reducing unnecessary imports and promoting local manufacturing to curb foreign currency outflows. He expressed a vision of Kenya achieving self-sufficiency in food production within a year.

He also defended his government’s efforts to prevent Kenya from falling into debt distress and maintain control over inflation and money supply. He noted that a significant portion of government revenue went toward servicing inherited debt, impacting areas like education, health, security, and public services.

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