Referral hospitals vow to dispose unclaimed bodies

Referral hospitals vow to dispose unclaimed bodies

Referral hospitals have vowed to dispose unclaimed bodies lying in the hospitals.

Homabay Law Court has issued an order allowing the County Teaching and Referral Hospital to dispose of 12 unclaimed bodies from its facility’s mortuary.

The order was issued through the Public Health Officer-In-Charge of sanitation, Nancy Ooko, giving a 14 days’ notice to the public to enable them to collect bodies of their kins within the time frame and upon the expiry, the bodies be disposed of in conformity with the laid regulations.

This comes after the hospital submitted an application on January 1, this year, asking the court to permit them to dispose of the bodies as stipulated by the law.

Additionally, it issued the court with a supporting affidavit sworn by the hospital’s Public Health Officer.

According to Ooko, the bodies above from Rangwe, Kendu Bay, Mbita and Homa Bay Police Stations have overstayed at the hospital mortuary for more than the stipulated 21 days, hence overstretching the facility which has a capacity to hold up to 22 bodies.

Kenyatta University Hospital National Referral Hospital (KUTRRH) has also revealed intentions to dispose of the unidentified and unclaimed body of an adult male who has overstayed at the Kenyatta Memorial Funeral Home.

In a statement, KUTRRH Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Dagene extended an urgent plea to the public to help identify the male adult who has remained unclaimed for the past four months.

According to Ahmed, the decision to dispose of the body aligns with the Public Health Act Cap 242 laws of Kenya, which necessitate the responsible and timely handling of unclaimed bodies to ensure public health and safety.

“About the Public Health Mt Cap 242 laws of Kenya, notice is hereby given to the general public that the unknown male adult has overstayed at the Hospital Mortuary as an unclaimed body for the last four months and is due for disposal,” He urged.

Dagene emphasized the hospital’s commitment to following the stipulated guidelines and urged the community to come forward and view the body for potential identification.

The identification process is scheduled to take place at the Kenyatta Memorial Funeral Home from January 17 to 24, 2024, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

The hospital has set a strict 14-day window for the public to assist in identifying the unknown male adult.

Failing to do so within the specified timeframe will result in the hospital taking the necessary action, as outlined by the public health regulations.

“Hence, members of the public who have lost relatives are hereby requested to come and view the body at the Kenyatta Memorial Funeral Home for identification within 14 days from 17th January 2024 to 24th January 2024, starting from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, failure of which the hospital will not make any further reference but take the necessary action. Your assistance and cooperation will be highly appreciated,” Ahmed stated.

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