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Asyana Gardens Activities and Prices

Asyana Gardens is a recreational and non-alcoholic garden located along Nosim Road (Barabara Mpya) in Rongai. It has a Google Rating of 4.5 Stars after more than 3,000 Google Reviews. This blog talks about Asyana Gardens Activities and Prices.

Also, it gives a review of the garden and why you should visit it.

Without further ado, here is a review of Asyana Gardens. Upon visiting this place on 3/3/2024, everything was just magical. I highly recommend this spot as one of the Best Places to Visit in Nairobi Under KES 1,000.


Swimming is one of the best activities you can engage in at Asyana Gardens.

At the moment, I believe that Asyana Gardens has the biggest and best swimming pools in Rongai.

Some of the best features about this swimming pool are that it is ever filled with clean water and has a pavilion where swimmers can relax after a swimming session.

Another good thing about this swimming pool is that it has lanes which organize swimmers and helps in maximizing the use of available pool space. In summary, this lanes are very important in the sense that they reduce congestion in swimming pools.

The charges for swimming at Asyana Gardens are KES 300 for adults and KES 200 for children.


Asides from being an exercise activity, cycling is also a fun activity. At Asyana Gardens, visitors can be able to ride Mountain bikes along the biking trails and areas surrounding Asyana Gardens.

Upon my visit at Asyana Gardens, this was my first activity to engage in. In case you do not how to cycle, there are guides nearby who will help you learn how to ride a bicycle.

Riding bicycles at Asyana Gardens is fun because you will be able to enjoy the outdoors, interact with other riders and improve your muscle and cardiovascular health.

Play Archery

Archery is a sport that involves using a bow to shoot arrows.

At Asyana Gardens, visitors can play archery at an affordable price. In case you want to improve your aiming skill you can start by playing archery. At the time of writing posts, Asyana Gardens is the Best Place to Play Archery in Kajiado County.

Point to Note: Archery is only limited to guests who seek accommodation at Asyana Gardens.

Hold an Event

At Asyana Gardens, you can be able to hire grounds at an affordable fee. One of the main advantages of holding an event at this recreational space is that it has unique spaces for hosting different events.

For baby showers, bridal showers, graduation celebrations, indoor weddings and birthday parties, Asyana Gardens is a good place to consider. On my first visit to this joint, I was attending a friends wedding ceremony. It was so beautiful.

Hold a Meeting or a Conference

Asides from holding an event. Asyana Gardens is also a good spot to hold conferences and meetings. It has a state of the art conference room that is ideal for corporations and business meetings.

The conference room can hold as many as 1,000 people. Amazing right?

Asyana Gardens also has a boardroom that can host 20 people, a semi-outdoor meeting hall that can host 50 people and an indoor meeting hall that can host 30 people.

One of the best things about holding a meeting or a conference at Asyana Gardens is that it is located in a serene and quiet place that is suitable for holding private and confidential meetings.

Below is a table showing their rate cards for holding meetings or conferences.

Number of People Charges
15 People or more KES 4,000 Per Person
Below 15 People KES 5,000 Per Person


Enjoy Well-Prepared Dishes

Asyana Gardens is a good place to enjoy affordable, sweet, hot and well-prepared dishes. The chefs at this joint are very talented and passionate about their work.

Generally, Asyana Gardens offers a unique dining experience because it has an outdoor area where visitors can be able to eat as they enjoy the surrounding views.

Check Out Asyana Gardens Menu 


Play Outdoor Games

In case you are looking for a recreational facility that offers outdoor games such as Basketball, Swings and Basketball, Asyana Gardens is an amazing spot to try.

All these outdoor games are completely free if you are seeking accommodation at Asyana Gardens.

Point to Note: The above activities are best suited for children are below the age of 15 years. In case you tag along your children for lunch at Asyana Gardens, you can let them bond and enjoy these outdoor games after meals.

Team Building

Asyana Gardens is the perfect place to do team building because it has expansive space covered with green grass. It is also private. It provides a sense of privacy and exclusivity. This allows team members to focus on the team building activities without distractions.

For a group of 15 people, team building charges KES 4,000. This amount caters for the following;

  • Hot Beverage and Snacks (For 10:00 am and 4:00 pm)
  • A Three-Course Meal Buffet with a Soft Drink
  • 2 500 Mls Bottles of Water for Each Person


Socialise | Meet New People

Being a social gathering hot bed, Asyana Gardens is undoubtedly an amazing and chilled spot where you can be able to meet and interact with new people.

The activities mentioned above can be done alone but the best way is to do it with people. In the process, you will be able to meet new people, interact and even become friends.

With that said, do not lay back at home alone while you can meet new people, form new connections and have a wonderful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asyana Gardens Location

Along Nosim Road (Barabara Mpya) in Rongai

Asyana Gardens Entrance Fee

Entry to Asyana Gardens is free. 

Asyana Gardens Phone Numbers

How Much is Swimming at Asyana Gardens
Swimming at Asyana Gardens is KES 300 for adults and KES 200 for children.

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