Karura Forest Activities

karura forest activities

Karura Forest Activities

Nairobi has a beautiful landscape that combines lots of activities for people of diverse interests. Karura Forest Reserve being among the places in Nairobi, it boasts the most extensive natural preserve in Kenya’s capital with an entry fee of Kes 200 only.

You can enjoy mountain climbing, cycling, and much more. Every day in the Karura Forest Reserve guarantees something fresh for visitors to see and try. With a google rating of 4.5 stars after a review by 1,072 people, it can be settled at the best serene and tranquil place to visit. 

Here are just a few of the many incredible things you can experience;

1. Cycling or Biking Trails

Karura Forest Reserve offers a 12-kilometer bike trail in the northern section of the forest.

The cycling trails heal the soul and provide an eco-friendly, unique environment with an unforgettable experience.

Natural trees and the diversity of uphill and downhill trails in the forest make athletes indulge in bike riding at the park.  

2.Jogging and walking on Trails

Karura Forest has a network of well-maintained trails that allow visitors to explore the forest on foot or jog. The trails are marked and vary in length allowing different forms of fitness.

If you like jogging this is your to-go place. The place is organically interactive as you walk or jog. You will get to appreciate Nature more as you jog and sweat away to better health and a feel-good mood. (5-, 10- and 15km trails are marked along forests paths)

3.Picnic Spots

Numerous designated picnic areas are available throughout Karura Forest. These spots provide an ideal setting for picnics, where visitors can relax, have a meal, and enjoy quality time with family and friends amidst nature.

They include;

  • Waterfall Picnic Area

In this spot there is a serene waterfall, that provides  a tranquil setting for picnicking. It’s a popular choice for families and nature

  • Bamboo Picnic Area

Its surrounded by towering bamboo trees that presents a unique ambiance and shade for picnickers.

  • Lake Picnic Area

This spot is located near the forest’s scenic lake, and it provides picturesque views and a peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy your picnic while watching the birds and wildlife around the lake.

  • Butterfly Picnic Area

This area is known for its butterfly garden, where you can admire various butterfly species.

  • Mau Mau Picnic Area

This spot has historical significance as it is dedicated to the Mau Mau freedom fighters. It offers a peaceful environment and ample space for picnics and reflection to history.

4. Dog Walking Tour

Dog walking is another appealing activity in the Karura forest with vaccinated and registered dogs.The dogs entering the forest are issued a dog tag card, leashed steadily, and must stay off areas marked “dogs off-leash.”

Nowadays, forests are a resource that benefits the community economically. A popular location for walking is Karura forest with the dogs is by the use of the meander paths.

5. Walking Safaris

With over 50km of  trekking trails, walking safaris at Karura Forest Reserve make great sense while spotting more than 605 wildlife species.

The 2 to 4 hours walk on Muram graveled footpaths start at Limuru road gate, while the adventurers cover their desired distance and then send the trek at Limuru road gate.

6. Horse-Riding

Horse riding is one of the activities visitors behold in the Karura forest reserve available at nearby stables.

The Karura forest is a place for recreational horse owners to bring their horses and enjoy nature without competing with one another. Adults are charged Kes 800 while Children Kes 400 for the Horse ride.

7. Guided Tours

Eco tours take through the history of Karura Forest from the beginning to the present state. There are many landmarks with great legends, such as the Mau Mau caves, which were used as hideouts during Kenya’s struggle for independence.

Eco-Tours charges

The charges for a tour guide are exclusive of the entry fees and are divided according to class and age.

These classes include:

  • General tour- Ksh. 300 for adults and Ksh. 150 for children
  • Specialised tour- Ksh. 800 for adults and Ksh. 400 for children
  • Exclusive VIP tour- Ksh. 1800 for adults and Ksh. 900 for children

8. Tennis Game

Another activity in the peaceful urban forest is a tennis game from 7 am to 5:00 pm every day.

In Karura Forest Reserve, visitors are allowed to use the tennis court. The KFEET Center has a tennis court that’s open to the public so people can enjoy it and use it.

Tennis game charges

Adults: kes 200 per hour

Children: (below 14 years) kes 100 per hour

9. Tree-Planting

Tree planting in the Karura forest is another activity in the forest reserve that indirectly contributes to the environment over time.

There are many benefits to adding trees to garden space, but one of the most important is that it will connect you with nature.

The activity of tree planting is an important service that benefits the environment. It’s a great way to help our planet, especially if you’re doing it for social or personal reasons.

10. Forest Drives

Forest drives in the Karura forest are activities visitors can engage in while enjoying the unspoiled nature.

Karura is the forest reserve for diverse local birds and animals and includes breathtaking scenery, caves, wild rivers, and waterfalls. This park lets visitors get off their busy schedules and enjoy the fresh air and view.

Karura Forest rules and regulations

  • Visitors allowed on designated tracks only.
  • Use facilities after payment fee.
  • Dogs allowed in should be registered.
  • No littering or single-use of plastic.
  • No feeding or disturbing the animals.
  • No smoking, fires, loud music or drones of any size.
  • No kids under 12 without an adult.


In conclusion, the activities within Karura Forest symbolize a holistic approach to environmental well-being. By combining recreation, conservation, and community involvement, the forest not only enriches the lives of those who visit but also contributes significantly to the broader goals of ecological preservation and sustainable development.

Karura Forest Location

Outskirts of Nairobi, Kiambu-Nairobi Highway

Karura Forest Contacts

+(254)739 262092 or +(254)728 501333

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is alcohol allowed in Karura Forest?

Karura has a strict ban on alcohol and single-use plastic. You’ll be searched before entering, and any alcohol or plastic will be confiscated or kept for you to collect when you leave.

2. Is there zip Lining at Karura Forest?

There is no Zip Lining in Karura. However, you can find zip lining facilities close to Nairobi at Kereita ForestLimuru and Machakos People’s Park.

3. Activities at Karura Forest

  • Horse riding
  • Jogging and walking on trails
  • Guided tours
  • Bird Watching
  • Forest drives
  • Cycling
  • Dog tours
  • Tennis games

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