Bondo reports 61 years old man’s death in a guesthouse, suicide cases increase at Gatundu

61 years old man dies mysteriously in Bondo guesthouse, suicide cases increase at Gatundu

61-year-old man whose body was found in a guest house within Bondo town in Siaya County on Tuesday at 10:30 am has raised brows of police who have obliged to investigate on the matter.

Confirming the incident, Siaya County Police Commander Cleti Kimaiyo said the body of the man, identified as Nicholas Ogada Ogol, was discovered by the guest house attendants.

Further, the caretaker of the guest house, Eveline Atieno, reported to police that an elderly man had been found  in his room.

Police officers from Bondo police station visited the scene and established that the deceased had checked into the guest house alone on Monday at 8.00 pm in a drunk state.

Kimaiyo stated that it was not until 10.30 am on Tuesday when the guest house attendants had gone to clean up the room only to discover the body lying on the bed with some 90 HIV treatment tablets beside him.

Additionally, he said that the body, which had no visible physical injuries has since been moved to Bondo sub-county hospital mortuary pending autopsy as investigations into the matter begin.

In other news, residents of Kiambu County’s Gatundu South constituency are concerned about an increase in suicides in the area.

According to several residents, many suicides have occurred with no warning indications, with victims pretending to be fine only to be discovered dead later.

In the most recent incidence, James Mwangi, a father of one from Roi-Gacakai village, had gathered with his family members for festivities at his grandmother’s house, but things took a terrible turn when the 23-year-old man committed suicide later that night.

Mwangi is said to have returned home with his wife and then called it a night.

However, Mwangi’s widow awoke during the night to find him missing from the room, and when she went around the home to look for him, she discovered his body hanging from a rope in the kitchen.

Mwangi’s stepfather, Karanja Karuri, stated there was no indication that such an occurrence would occur because he spent his Saturday as a cheerful man who communicated well with other family members.

“The rising number of suicides is a major source of concern.” This is not the first time we’ve heard of such an occurrence. “It’s heartbreaking to hear that such a young man with such a promising future has died,” he remarked.

Karuri blamed increased despair on joblessness, drug misuse, and other problems, which led to youngsters engaging in risky behavior.

Another family in the area was preparing for the burial of another guy who had committed suicide after having dinner with his children and other family members.

Patrick Kamau, 47, was thought to be under emotional stress.

He is believed to have invited all of his children and grandchildren to their home in Roma village for New Year’s celebrations, after which they ate supper. Kamau excused himself, stating he needed to go to bed.

According to his mother, Rosemary Mumbi, Kamau wound up in a coffee field, where his body was subsequently discovered dangling from a tree.

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