Middle aged man stabbed to death in Donholm , Nairobi

The Police are investing  for an assailant behind the fatal stabbing of a middle-aged man in Donholm, Nairobi.

The incident happened Thursday morning as a woman and the man walked to their house.

The woman who witnessed the attack said she was with the slain male companion when another man joined them on the road at about 2 am.

Police say an unknown number of people killed him in his house and locked the body therein.

His brother who had tried to call him in vain said he went to check on him on December 5 and realized the door to the house had been locked from outside.

Upon breaking the door, he found the body lying on the floor with visible strangulation marks on the neck.

Neighbours told police they had heard the deceased quarrelling in the middle of the night with unknown people but the noise later subsided.

The neighbours thought the quarrel issue was resolved.

It was later established the man was strangled. The motive is yet to be known. The body was moved to the mortuary pending autopsy and other investigations.

In the same area, two suspected thugs were lynched by a mob in a botched robbery.

Police said the men were on a motorcycle and had on Tuesday tried to snatch a porch from a female pedestrian who raised alarm alerting a mob who chased and stoned them to death.

  1. Police discourage mob lynching and want suspects to be surrendered to authorities for processing.

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