It has been shocking to the Human rights activists HAKI Africa questioning the extent to which inhumanity has escalated after bodies in sacks some mutilated, and others with heads wrapped in polythene were discovered floating in River Yala in Siaya County.

According to the residents of this county countless bodies have so far been fished from the river which is suspected to be a depository for dead bodies and for concealing murders.

The police also had a lot to say regarding the same as they affirmed to having retrieved 20 bodies since the beginning of last year.

A man who was on a video that has since gone viral claimed to having noticed several floating bodies which according to him had cuts and torture marks and he went on to say that some other residents as well as school going children in the area had reportedly seen a vehicle drop bodies into the river.

The locals said that the bodies are usually brought in double cabin pick up and probox and thrown over the bridge into the river by unknown men.

It was even more bizzare as the dogs in the neighborhood fed on the decomposing corpses dragging home the some body parts to the village and not just that since the residents also have had to bear with the foul smell coming from the river and the contamination in general and this is something they’ve never witnessed before.

The mysteries continue to unravel as one Okero a local also an expert on retrieving bodies having been taught by his father and grandfather confesses that he’s usually paid by police officers to retrieve bodies from the river.

Okero went on to say that his usual norm was retrieving bodies that had been drowned out of suicide or accidents but now he’s retrieving bodies of human beings murdered and dumped like waste having retrieved 3 bodies for the past week.

According to Yala mortuary they receive atleast 5 bodies every month.They have more than 22 bodies which are unidentified and with deep deep cuts, ropes tied on them and much worse.

A life is sacred and no one deserves to have theirs taken like that of a beast.

Kenyans are demanding that the matter be investigated to determine what triggers these massive killings that end up in this river of sorrows as it’s termed.


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