State House Car budget revised from Ksh.10Million to Ksh 300Million

The state house car purchase budget has increased 30 times from Ksh 10 million to Ksh 300 million while fuel allocation has been increased by Ksh 25 millions to ksh98.9 million.

The budget also entails allocation of an additional Ksh 1.05 Billion to Ksh 1.2 billion tabled last year under ‘other operating expenses’, purchase of cars and travel.

The increase comes after the president announced he will be on the campaign trails ahead of August 2022 elections.

The overall State house budget has been increased by Ksh 1.89 billion to Ksh 5.88 billion, that includes undisclosed budget, purchase of cars ,fuel and Ksh 205 millions travel and accommodation.

Another Ksh.41 million has be allocated to machinery purchase as well as an additional Ksh.20 million for car maintenance.

The deputy presidents office budget has been increased from 1.41 Billion to Ksh 1.43 Billion and Ksh 31.6million allocated to refurbish Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s office.

The State House budget is the highest among all ministries and state departments.


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