European Nations have banned Russian Flights from their airspace, Fifa also banning their flag and anthem.

Nations from Europe have banned Russian Flights from landing and taking off in their airspaces and this would mean more flight time for Russia.

The European Union members such as France, Austria, Poland,, Latvia, Czech republic, Germany,Italy among other EU countries have closed their airspaces with some promising to do so.

However United Kingdom UK and Iceland despite not being part of the EU have also closed their airspaces from access by Russian Airlines in support of Ukraine.

Russia has however responded to all the bans in a tit for tat manner by closing it’s airspaces to flights operated by carriers of countries that have banned them from their airspaces. Aeroflot which are Russian Airlines largest in Russia cancelled all the flights to EU.

Fifa went ahead to ban their flag and anthem instructing them to play without their flag at neutral venues. Fifa has also threatened to ban them from participating in competitions if the situation between them and Ukraine does not change.

Fifa greatly condemned the Russian invasion against Ukraine saying that no international football matches will take place in Russia and their flag and anthem will not be allowed as well.

They went on to say that if Russia participates in such matches it will not be playing as Russia but as RFU Russia Football Union.

This however would not do for some nations with as they went on to critique Fifa for the stance, the Polish football association Chief said that they would not participate in any game of appearances and that Russia should be banned from the Qatar World Cup 2022. He said that the Polish national team will not play with Russia no matter what their name is this being the case for England as well as Czech.

Putin however continues to escalate tensions in Ukraine by putting nucleur forces on high alert. He’s putting forces that Incase there’s any miscalculation things will become dangerous. The directive came in when Ukraine defenders applied strong resistance against Russian and they were unable to take over their airlines.

Putin threatened to retaliate harshly against any country that intervened directly in the conflict between them and Ukraine.

BBC has however stated that more countries will continue to ban Russia. Tension however continues to hit Ukraine as some ran for safety to refugee camps and neighbouring countries with UN reporting arrival of more than 368,000 Ukrainians.

The path Russia has taken might lead to it losing it’s UN council seat said Ukrainian president Zelenskyy.


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