The dark predicament of Kawira Mwangaza

In less than a year Kawira Mwangaza the governor of Meru is once again found in a what seems to be a muddle that might bring her trouble this time. Its a time when much evidence and more cases have been so far presented and she might not be ensnared in this as the last time. Late last year, she was among six governors who were on the hot seat of impeachment, but clear evidence was not provided to impeach her especially and the song of governorship continued. This time members of the county assembly of Meru who amounted to sixty out of sixty-nine are tired and want her to go home. On Saturday, the members of the county assembly of Meru had attended a tree planting session presided over by the environment cabinet Secretary, Soipan Tuya, raised these concerns and endorsed the deputy governor to be the county boss once Kawira’s impeachment becomes successful.

An impeachment motion was tabled on Tuesday by the members who had reasons that they termed as enough to escort her home. She has been accused of several accounts and that has been tabled already to the committee and the process is set to begin. The members have accused Mwangaza of misappropriation of funds and squandering of the same which has slugged the projects of that county. It has also been tabled that she has been making withdrawals under the semblance of that her relatives, who she has been putting to power without following the law, have been making the supplies. These relatives have been employed by her to help her embezzle funds. In addition to that, Evans Mawira who is the deputy governor to Kawira Mwangaza has mentioned of her diverging county resources and funds to personal projects. “Diversion of county funds and vehicles have been running her charity work deemed as Okolea in spite of her promising the Senate to refrain from conflicting county officials and Okolea operations, “Evans Mawira said. Bullying and degradation of fellow leaders of the county was also among the mentioned accounts and the illegal appointment of people in the job spaces without consulting the rest of the county officials and also not following legitimate powers. Kawira Mwangaza was also seen interfering with the normal process of the court when she named a public road in Meru after her husband without following law.
All this comes after she wrote a letter to Amason Jeffa Kingi who is the speaker of the senate and who the complaints have been tabled to, to take part in the peace talks between Kawira and Evans Mawira since they are not in better terms. She asked Kingi to intervene and mediate over the perceived differences that the two were facing and could not work together in such a state. She also alleged that the members of the county assembly who have not been seeing her shortcomings but support her decisions fully have been subjected to harassment by the minority and majority whip and this worries her. She further pointed out that her supporters have been victims of removal office just because they are not against her.


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