Moses kuria tough talk

The New Public Service performance and delivery management secretary cabinet secretary (CS) Moses Kuria has fired warning shot to public servants who were found abdicating the duties. Speaking after taking charge in the new ministry Kuria announces he will ensure that the public services will add value to Kenyans’.

He also announced he will autorotate from Harambee House and he will not be relocating to the office at Kenya railways headquarters currently occupied by prime cabinet secretary Musalia Mudavadi. Kuria was moved from trade ministry during the reshuffle.

The announcement given by the head of state, made through the chief of staff and head of public Felix Koskei, caught many by surprises as some notable cabinet secretaries were affected by the reorganizations. Immediately after the presidential notice, the outgoing Investment, Trade and Industry cabinet secretary (CS) Moses Kuria, who has been at ads with Kenyans due to his comments on the cost of living.

During a handling over meeting on Monday 16 at Harambee House, Kuria took over from Aisha Jumwa who will now be heading the newly formed Ministry of Gender,Culture,Arts, and Heritage.

In his speech, Moses Kuria expressed his commitment to improving the ministry performance by enhancing services delivery. “I intend to peak where the late President Mwai Kibaki stopped it by caring out process-based reform of public services to ensure that public services is urgent, and it will fit everyone without favoring different personality. “Iwill have a microscopic view over everyone,” Moses Kuria said.

“The president assigned me to matters of services delivery and performances. I am an expert on business process engineering, and I want to bring those skills here with me,” said Kuria.

Handover follows a cabinet reshuffle done by President Wiliam Ruto last week in a bid to improve device delivery in an aim of avoiding traffic congestion. He called on public servants to be transformative in changing the state of services delivery national wide without any difficulties. Kuria promised to transform the department by moving in each to monitor service delivery. The CS further reiterated  his statement, refuting reports of his involvement in an office space tussle with Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi.

Kuria said that he is willing to work from anywhere,” I can work from OTC. I am a man of the street.”

CS Kuria has also made a u turn on his earlier statement that Kenyans will have to part with some cash to receive services at Huduma Centers. The Star Profession has given out a clip where Moses Kuria is speaking during the official takeover of the state Department of Public Services, Performance and Delivery Managment assenting that they will introduce a fee for services being offered at Huduma Centers.

“You have been enjoying these services without paying, there is no more free lunch. You have to pay for it,we will introduce a fee for services for government services and private services to support our ecommerce because huduma centers will be the backbone of the ecommerce.”Kuria said.

Hours later, the CS denounced the statement and termed it as a misrepresentation of what he meant.


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