Unemployment pushes a man to chain himself to Deputy President’s gate.

A Man who alleges to be the son to late Fredrick Oplong Oduya who was a legislator in Busia north on Tuesday 11th chained himself to Deputy President William Ruto’s harambee house annex seeking employment.

The man who was later identified as Lawrence Oplong had chained his waist to the gate claiming he had been promised a job by the DP but he did not keep his word. He would only leave the premises once his issue was personally addressed by Dp Ruto.

Police officers on several attempts had failed to get him off the premises but later on managed to cut off the chains with a hacksaw and took him to Central police station charged him with causing disturbance in a public sphere. He recorded a statement leading to his release.

The Dp’s office however responded and the spokesman Emmanuel Talam said the Dp had addressed the issue and had promised to see to it that his grievances will be looked into.


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